The Adult Outpatient program is comprised of a number programs and services designed to meet the specific needs of our consumers.

Adult Outpatient Program (AOP) clients represent a broad range of diagnoses and levels of functioning. They include the seriously and chronically mentally ill, including those with psychotic spectrum disorders and the more severe mood disorders. Other clients suffer from a major anxiety disorder or depression. Many clients present with a mixture of symptoms and more than one diagnosis. Services provided include medication support services, case management, group therapy, and crisis intervention.

The Skills-Builiding Institute (SBI)

SBI clients are treated via a psychoeducational treatment model. Clients can choose from several groups throughout the week designed to increase interpersonal and coping skills of activities of daily living. Specific offerings vary throughout the year but are likely to include topics such as interpersonal communications, problem solving, etiquette, stress management/reduction, money management, hygiene, and meal preparation. Several support/process groups offer the clients the opportunity to enhance social skills. Several of our innovative groups have drawn upon feature films, television, and a plethora of literary works, spanning from Mythology to Classical American literature, to teach important life and interpersonal skills.

CalWorks Services

CalWorks clients have been on welfare and are required to receive mental health services to reduce the emotional barriers that stand in the way of their entering (or returning to) the work force. Clients are referred from the L. A. County Department of Social Services (DPSS).

Dual Diagnosis Services

Dual Diagnosis clients carry diagnoses of both mental illness (of various severities.) and substance abuse. Available treatment includes individual therapy, case management and group therapy by therapists who have training and experience in dealing with a variety of substance abuse and related mental health issues.

AB2034 Services

Intensive case management and support services are provided to the homeless, mentally ill with histories of prior arrests and/or incarcerations. Referrals are made directly from the Department of Mental Health for those clients who meet these criteria.

Applying for Services

Please call (818) 244-7257 for more information and instructions.


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