On behalf of the Board, staff and clients at Verdugo Mental Health (VMH), we would like to honor as our first featured donor for our VMH CARE building campaign, Mr. Michael Post.

Mr. Post served on the advisory board for Positive Directions, a drug treatment program under Verdugo Mental Health, starting in 1995 and transitioned to the governing VMH Board in 1999.  He was Chairman of the Board of Directors for VMH from 2002-2005 and is still an active board member.

He has an extensive and respected background in public service, which includes almost three decades as a peace officer including over a decade of serving as a police captain for the city of Glendale.  In addition, Mr. Post has served as Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police for the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority, a college educator at Los Angeles City and Glendale Community Colleges and served a decade in the enlisted reserve for the Marine Corps.

He has a Master of Science in Management and has been the recipient of several awards including a Distinguished Service Award from the Glendale Police department, a Law Enforcement Commendation medal from the National Society of Sons of the American Revolution and was a past nominee for the International Association of Chiefs of Police “Police Officer of the Year”.  He has also authored several writings including, Broadband Interactive Multimedia Telecommunications: The Impact on Law Enforcement in the New Millennium and The Glendale Police Department Pictorial History 1851-1990.  Lastly, he has given of his time and support as the San Fernando Valley Chapter chair of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, a non-profit habitat conservation organization.

Mr. Post has a diverse background providing leadership and innovation for law enforcement, airport and aviation security, non-profit corporate leadership and conservation organizations. 

During Mr. Post’s chair on the VMH Board of Directors, his leadership and commitment to our agency inspired our staff and had a pivotal impact on our future vision.   He continues to be a well respected and admired part of our VMH history and future and an inspiration to who we are and what we do.

Currently, Mr. Post is a private consultant in areas of his expertise including security and airport law enforcement and resides in the San Fernando Valley with his wife, Kathleen, of 37 years.



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