On behalf of the 2008 Board of Directors, thank you for your past support of the Verdugo Mental Health Foundation. As you may be aware, 2007 marked our 50th anniversary of providing mental health services to the Glendale and Foothills communities. We have much to celebrate and take pride in what we have been able to offer these communities, including:

  •        Adult outpatient services to more than a QUARTER MILLION PEOPLE
  •        MORE THAN 7000 HOURS of Substance Abuse and Treatment
  •        MORE THAN 1000 clients obtaining job placement/trainings
  •        10,000 GIFTS to children during the holidays
  •        MORE THAN 5000 adolescents receiving therapy on their school campuses
  •        MORE THAN 2000 VOLUNTEER HOURS in crisis intervention services

In addition, we are extremely happy to report that Verdugo Mental Health has embarked on a new facility building on its current site in Glendale, which will be named VMH CARE upon completion. The building has been designed around current methods of delivering behavioral health clinic services to clients in need.

As a result, VMH will remain committed to providing service many years into the future through this state of the art facility and highly qualified staff. Although base financing has been obtained, VMH is in need of community financial support to outfit the building and support operations.        

Our community-based fundraising events will continue in October with our Macy's Shopping Day, where ticket holders can enjoy savings up to 75% and have fun checking off many gifts off of their holiday shopping list, our 5k/10k run/walk in March 2008, where we hope to realize at least 1000 runners and walkers and grow in our donation dollars and finally in May, our Gardens of Glendale fundraiser, where our ticket holders can tour several beautiful gardens in the Glendale area and enjoy the day with friends while contributing to a worthwhile cause.   Please continue to check our “Upcoming Fundraisers” page for dates and registration/ticket information.

Our foundation goal for 2007-2008 continues to be to raise $50,000 for our programs.  Some might say our goals are ambitious, but we view them as necessary milestones in sustaining the mission of VMH.  We ask you to continue your commitment as our partner in providing such important resources to our Glendale and Foothill residents.  We need your help to realize our goals.

There are many ways to support the programs at VMH.   Besides "putting the check in the mail", you can become a VMH CARE Building donor and have a permanent place in our naming area, or support one of our fundraising events by making a donation by credit card and collect those extra "frequent flyer miles", or give of your time to help us at our future fundraisers.  We are always happy and eager to welcome new Foundation board members.

Once again, we thank for your generous support of the programs and services at VMH. Together, we make our Glendale and Foothill community a healthier and more productive community for all.


Best Regards,

Joyce Ruygrok
President, VMH Foundation



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